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Ansible – A “hello world” Playbook

Playbooks are written in yaml format, and you can actually choose where to store your playbooks. In my case I’ll create a folder called “playbooks” for storing my playbooks, and I’ll create this in the root user’s home directory:


[root@controller ~]# pwd
[root@controller ~]# mkdir playbooks
[root@controller ~]# cd playbooks
[root@controller playbooks]# pwd

In this directory, I’ll then create the following file:


[root@controller playbooks]# cat HelloWorld.yml
- name: This is a hello-world example
  hosts: ansibleclient01.local
  - name: Create a file called '/tmp/testfile.txt' with the content 'hello world'.
      content: "hello world\n" 
      dest: /tmp/testfile.txt

This playbook is designed to create the file “/tmp/testfile.txt” on the client ansibleclient01.local using ansible’s copy module.


You can think of this playbook as a