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RHCE – rough notes

page 4: systemctl –type=service list all running services: systemctl –list-units –type=service list all services, running and not running: systemctl –list-units –type=service page 6: lists the units that this unit depends on: systemctl list-dependencies UNIT shows what other services depends on the following unit: systemctl list-dependencies UNIT –reverse this forcefully disables […]Read more »

The screen command

useful for: collaboration: 1. share screens with colleages 2. long running jobs. e.g. cp 100GB to an NFS. You can monitor progress by going back the screen.


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NFS – How to set up an NFS client on CentOS/RHEL 7

Network Files System (NFS) is a protocol that let’s one Linux box (NFS server) to share a folder with another Linux box (NFS Client). On the NFS client this shared folder looks like just an ordinary folder. NFS only works in an internal network so you can share folders over the public internet.