May 10, 2014

c# – An intro to Arrays and Generics

Here are some terminologies:


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Arrays: This is a object variable, that is designed to store a collection of object-variable. Each object variable is stored in numbered containers (i.e. they are indexed), with the first container starting at number 0.

Generics: these are like arrays, but they can only store builtin c# variables, i.e. variables that are int, string, double,…etc. However you can’t add new items to an array.

There are different types of generic collections:

  • List – these are like arrays, but you can also add new items to the list. Hence you can grow the list by using the “add” keyword
  • Queues – This is based on the idea that the first item in the queue gets processed first….i.e. it is based on first-in, first-out concept.
  • Stack – This is like queues, except it is based in last-in, first-out. Think of it as a stack pancake, where the last pancaked stacked on the pile is also the first pancaked that gets eaten.
  • Dictionaries – These are essentially hash-tables, i.e key/value pairing. This is very powerful, because you can search/sort keys, which in turn holds the underlining data.