May 10, 2014

c# – Introduction

C# is a powerfull object oriented program language. It is heavily engineered programming language.


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In this tutorials you are going to learn all kinds of things.

In our tutorials we will show you a lot of things that won’t make a lot of things until much later. That’s why we will show you a lot of things without explaining them in detail. But will cover them in more detail in later units. When this happens we will explain

Because c# is syntax, we will show you a lot of things but explain them later.

C# is a really powerful programming language. It is basically

C# is a syntax heavy language, that means that even writing a basic program involves typing out a lot of code that on first impressions look superfluous. However everything is important and you only come to appreciate them in later lessons.

So if we just touch on something new without explaining it, then don’t panic, we will cover it in later lessons, and for the time being just accept what we show you as being something that is necessary.