Install Docker for mac using homebrew

Here’s the command I ran: brew install bash-completion brew cask install docker brew install kubectl brew cask install minikube Then go to the gui launcher and start up docker, and follow the prompts. Then open a terminal and you should fine the following cli tools installed. $ docker version Docker […]

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Get bash autocompletion working for docker cli on a mac

First install the following formulas: brew install bash-completion brew cask install docker Next via the gui launcher, find the docker icon and launch it, then follow the prompts. Then restart your bash terminal. Now run the following command to create a few symbolic links: ln -s /Applications/ /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d/docker ln -s […]

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Docker – An apache ‘hello world’ example

Here we’re going to build a simple docker container that is running apache web server and then access it from your laptop’s web browser. We will be building our container using the official ubuntu docker image. First off, pull down the ubuntu image, by running: $ docker pull ubuntu Using […]

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