Installing Golang

Installing Golang is really easy, just following the instructions in the official guide. For example, for RHEL/CentOSm we would do something like:


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curl -o ${golang_archive_filename}${golang_archive_filename}
tar -C /usr/local -xzf ${golang_archive_filename}
cd /usr/local/go/bin 
cp -rfp /usr/local/go/bin/* /usr/bin/

However here are a few other ways to install Golang:

RHEL/CentOS install tips

A quick way to install Golang is via yum:

yum install golang

But note that there’s a good chance the Go version yum installs could be at least several versions behind.

MacOS install tips

You can install golang using brew. With brew it’s as simple as:

$ brew install go

Then when new version of golang comes out, you can just do:

$ brew upgrade golang

Windows Install tips

You can install Golang using chocolatey:

c:\ choco install golang

Then when new version of golang comes out, you can just do:

c:\ choco upgrade golang


As you can see, installing Go is quite straightforward. After it has been installed you can test if the install was successful by just running go on the command line. You an also check which version you have installed by running:

$ go version
go version go1.10.3 darwin/amd64