MariaDB – Restoring databases

In the previous article we saw how to create backups of our database. Now we’re going to try restoring databases. First thing we need to do is delete our database so that we can start restoring it: We created a backup file for online_shop, so let’s start by deleting that database, this is done using […]

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MariaDB – Backing up databases

There are 3 levels of mysql database backups you can do: Backup the contents of a single database Backup multiple databases Backup the entire mysql server when creating database backups, the resulting backup files are actrually really big sql files that will repopulate a database. In all cases we create database backups using the mysqldump […]

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MariaDB – Basic MySQL CRUD Operations

In the previous article we saw how to create a new database called ‘online_shop’ and then a table inside this new database called ‘customers’. Now we’re going to show how to create/read/update/delete (crud) content in a table. Let’s see what the situation is: [root@mariadb-client ~]# mysql -u root -p’rootpassword’ -h Welcome to the MariaDB […]

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