July 1, 2014

Powershell – Accessing the registry

There are 2 main cmdlets you use to identify and navigate the registry (instead of using regedit).


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First of you navigate the registry in the same style as navigating a folder structure, i.e. you navigate it using cd and get-childitem. But the registry doesn’t reside inside the c:\ drive, instead it resides in it’s own drive called registry:

PS C:\> Get-PSProvider

Name                 Capabilities                                      Drives
----                 ------------                                      ------
WSMan                Credentials                                       {WSMan}
Alias                ShouldProcess                                     {Alias}
Environment          ShouldProcess                                     {Env}
FileSystem           Filter, ShouldProcess                             {C, E, A, D}
Function             ShouldProcess                                     {Function}
Registry             ShouldProcess, Transactions                       {HKLM, HKCU}
Variable             ShouldProcess                                     {Variable}
Certificate          ShouldProcess                                     {cert}

Here you should see that that all the registry info is stored in 2 drives, HKLM and HKCU.

The other important cmdlet that you also need to use is the get-itemproperty cmdlet. Here’s an example on how to explore the registry to find the version of .net installed.