May 11, 2014

PowerShell – Using Someone else’s script

Chapter 26 – Using Someone else’s script


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for lots of sample powershell scripts, check out this code repository:

Here is the structure of the if-else statement that you can place inside a script:

[int] $var

# Here is an if-elseif-else statement. For some reason this is if-conditions are if-else conditions are not really covered in this book
# but is covered in the 2nd book.
if ($var -gt 2)
Write-Host “The value $var is greater than 2.”
elseif ($var -eq 2)
Write-Host “The value $var is equal to 2.”
Write-Host “The value $var is less than 2 or was not created or initialized.”

In bash, when you want to check whether an ftp/scp transfer has been successful, then you check the exit code ($?) right after
running the ftp/scp command. This check is done by placing the exit code within it’s own if statement, i.e.:

if [ $? -gt 0 ]; then
log “file transfer failed”
archive fail $file

However, in ps, you do the same thing, but with construct called the try-catch. Covered in the next book.