Puppet – Setting user password

When you use the user resource, you'll notice that it contains a password attribute. This can only be used to enter an encrypted password, aka a hashed password. For security reasons, you cannot use a plain text password.

Also for some reason, you can't use the passwd command to create hash value and retrieve that value from teh /etc/shadow file either. However Puppet passes the password supplied in the user type definition into the /etc/shadow file.

You have to use the openssl command to generate the hash:

#openssl passwd -1  
#Enter your password here 
Verifying - Password: 

You then insert this password into your resource:

user { 'TestUser': 
  ensure   => present,
  password => '$1$HTumvYUGYUGwsxQxCp3F/nGc4DCYM',