March 2, 2015

Puppet – The Augeas resource type

In the previous demo, we saw how to makd a change via the command line. We used the “/etc/hosts” file as the example. We’ll now show you how to make the same change, but this time with the augeas puppet resource.


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You can therefore do the same thing as via the command line using the following resource:

  augeas{"hostfile" :
    context    => "/files/etc/hosts/3/",
    changes  => "set ipaddr",

If you want to append to a file, then you need to create a new node. You can achieve this using the last() function.

the “/etc/sudoers” file

Let’s say you want to add the following line to your /etc/sudoers file:

Defaults:tom !requiretty
tom ALL = (ALL) ALL

This can be achieved using the following resource:

  augeas { "sudotom":
    context => "/files/etc/sudoers",
    changes => [
      "set Defaults[type=':tom']/type :tom",
      "set Defaults[type=':tom']/requiretty/negate ''",
      "set spec[user = 'tom']/user tom",
      "set spec[user = 'tom']/host_group/host ALL",
      "set spec[user = 'tom']/host_group/command ALL",
      "set spec[user = 'tom']/host_group/command/runas_user ALL",

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