August 29, 2017

About this Course

This course covers everything you need to know in order to pass the Red Hat Certified Systems Administrator (RHCSA) exam for RHEL 7.


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Becoming RHCSA certified proves that you have developed a strong proficiency in RHEL. RHEL is short for “RedHat Enterprise Linux” and as the name suggests, it’s a Linux based Operating System. RHEL is not free, and is actually quite expensive, especially if you want to practice using RHEL at home. However there’s a free alternative of RHEL called CentOS.

CentOS is identical to RHEL in nearly every way. The main exception being that the RedHat logo and branding are replaced with CentOS’s own logo and branding. Therefore we will be using CentOS 7 throughout this course, and everything we do will cover/demo will work in exactly the same way as for RHEL 7. So from here on out, when we refer to CentOS, we are also referring to RHEL as well. However we will highlight any exceptions where there are any.

Get Certified

The RHCSA certification is considered to be the gold started standard in validating your Linux skills. Therefore this certification puts you in a strong position in the Linux and Devops jobs market.

There is also the next level up Red Had certification, which is RHCE. We are currently in the middle of writing a CodingBee course for RHCE too.

Course Pre-requisites

There are 2 main ways to perform tasks in CentOS, via the desktop gui interface, or via the bash terminal. In this course we will primarily focus on performing the tasks via the bash terminal. However we will cover some parts of the gui interface, on the rare occasions where using the gui desktop is the only way to get the job done, or when it’s a handy alternative.

The fact that you are reading this web page would suggest that you already have some Linux experience. Maybe you have used another Linux flavour, such as Ubuntu, or Apple’s MacOS. However if you haven’t then it’s highly recommended to go through the following Pluralsight courses:

How this course is structured

This course is based on the RHCSA exam objectives course. This means that this series of tutorials covers everything you need to know to pass the RHCSA exam!

Each lesson is broken down into the following sections:

  • Commands (that are introduced in this lesson)
  • Config files (files that will be viewing/editing)
  • Course notes (this is the lesson’s main content)

In this course we will be primarily focused on showing how to do everything via the terminal because it is a much faster way to perform task and also we want you to get comfortable using the shell. However there are some tasks that are easier to do via the GUI.

In the next tutorial we list out all the RHCSA exam objectives along with what which tutorials cover each objective.