November 1, 2014

Ruby – Introduction

Ruby is a really useful language that is worth learning about, especially if want to master any of the following technologies that are built with Ruby:


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– Puppet (Configuration Management)
– Cucumber (Automated System testing framework)
– Rspec (Unit test framework)

Installing Ruby on windows

There are a few ways to install ruby on a windows machine. One option is just to install Ruby using the ruby installer. However I have often had issues when I wanted to do certain things which required a rails installation. I often found that installing rails separately from Ruby often causes all kinds of issues. That’s why I have discovered that it makes like much easier if you install ruby and rails at the same time.

This is possible thanks to the rails installer.

Ruby comes as part of Rails, so once you have installed rails, you can start using ruby as a standalone, and only use rails as and when you want to.

Useful resources: