Linux – Accessing the linux terminal

The way you access the   linux command line terminal, depends on the scenario:


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Scenario 1 – Access your Linux desktop machine’s terminal

Using the gnome ui, interface, simply go to:

Useful Tip: you can create a desktop shortcut to save time.

Scenario 2 – Access a remote linux server’s   terminal from a windows desktop machine.

In most corporate workplaces, linux servers are locked away in server rooms. In these cases, you can access the server’s terminal remotely by using a software called putty. Putty creates a connection to the linux server and opens up a virtual terminal. After that you can use this terminal just as if you were access the linux server directly.

Useful Tip: In a corporate workplace, you may need to remotely connect to several remote linux machines. Then you might want to use a putty-addon called putty connection manager (PCM).   The cool thing thing about pcm is that it can be:

  • used to store all your linux login credential….so that you don’t have to have keep them all memorised.
  • used automatically log in to a linux machine, so no need to repetitively type in the username and password
  • lets you open up several terminals in a tabbed interface….so that you can work on multiple linux machines simultaneously

Scenario 3 –   Access a remote linux server’s   terminal from a linux desktop machine

If your local machine is a linux machine, then all you need to do is open a terminal (as described in scenario 1), and then use the ssh command to establish a remote linux server connection. After that you can manage the remote server as if you are accessing it directly.

Note: This scenario isn’t very common because most desktop machines in a corporate workplace run on windows (rather than linux), and only the servers run on linux.

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Scenario 4 (more advanced)- Create a connection between 2 remote linux servers

However ssh is often used in shell scripting, and when you want to remotely connect to a linux server from another linux server.